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If you are craving cardio, training for an event, or looking to take your cycling back out on the road, sweat it out in our Indoor Cycling classes. Whether weʼre interval training or working on endurance, this is not your average “Spin®” class. By incorporating both RealRyder and stationary bikes, you have the choice to customize your Ryde for the day. Unlike traditional stationary bikes, RealRyder bikes lean from side-to-side, simulating an outdoor ride. While this instability means more variety and fun in the classes, it also has a physiological benefit. By leaning side-to-side, balancing and turning out of the saddle, the core and upper body are incorporated much more than on a stationary bike. The result is a higher calorie burn and a stronger, leaner midsection.  For those of you who are not yet tilting and turning on the RealRyders, the addition of traditional stationary bikes enables you to have an even more personalized experience.

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Karen Burke
Kimberly Treiber
Victor Granados
Greenvale Deer Park

Our schedule of SCULPT classes is designed to help you keep it hot, interesting and consistently challenging your body in new ways. Light weights, intervals, functional training, plyometrics (and more) are all incorporated in our classes.

“There is nothing like a great class that makes you feels like you’ve taken full advantage of an hour of your day. This is exactly how I leave Hot Ryde after each class Iʼve taken. I feel fit, in shape and yearning for more. It is a great addition to the Roslyn community and Iʼm hooked!”

It’s not only our bikes that will help you look and feel your best. Our Barre instructors are trained to maximize your time in class. They are full of creativity and will take your fitness needs to a new level. Sculpting lean long muscles with light weight workouts, creating strong core muscles, enhancing strength, endurance, bone density and flexibility – your Barre Body is closer than you think. Like cycling and TRX®, it is a quick paced class, and you will definitely get an aerobic workout too! At Hot Ryde we will work to create the best that you could be and will help you to reach all your fitness goals. See you At the Barre.

Caren Rosenblum
Jennifer Ellwood
Karen Burke
Andrea Brady
Greenvale Deer Park
TRX is all core, all the time! You’ll get the results you want quickly, efficiently, and effectively with this total body, functional workout by leveraging one’s own body weight to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and joint stability simultaneously.

Jennifer Ellwood
Kim Epstein
Greenvale Deer Park
POUND is a full-body cardio jam session, combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming-all while rocking out to your favorite music!

Shaun Cardenas
Shaun is RealRyder and Mad Dogg Certified, and is a life-long Cyclist. He has been riding since he was a kid. His love for cycling shifted from tricks on a BMX to riding trails on his mountain bike. His passion further expanded to road biking after joining Team Viscardi. Team Viscardi is a group of friends, parents, and colleagues that raise money to benefit students with severe physical disabilities at the Henry Viscardi School of Albertson.  As the 108 mile coach, he motivated cyclists of all ages and abilities to reach their goals. His motto is that you can always do one more. He loves RealRyder bikes because he feels that they provide the most useful and realistic training that one can get from an indoor cycle. Come and join him on his next indoor cycling adventure. He hopes to see you there.
jennifer ellwood
For almost 10 years, Jennifer Ellwood has been a certified Spinning® Instructor.  As her journey into fitness expanded, she became certified in RealRyder® Indoor Cycling, TRX® and Pound®.  She has taught energy-fueled classes on both the north and south shores of Long Island, and loves her position as Fitness Director and Instructor for Hot Ryde. When she is not on the bike, she can be found training for various challenges, including marathons and multi-sport races. Being a Reiki Master Teacher, she also works to bridge the spiritual and physical bodies, with a mind-body approach to overall health. She is passionate about encouraging clients to push beyond their comfort zones, realizing their full potential.

karen burke
Karen has been spinning for twelve years and has turned her cycling addiction and passion for fitness and health into a second career. She has been a certified spin instructor and personal trainer for the past four years. Karen loves the music and energy that happens within each class and will challenge you to push beyond your limits. In her class she'll have you rocking out to everything from classic rock, hip hop and the oldies.
caren rosenblum
Fitness and training as always been a way of life for Caren. Her passion for outdoor riding led her to become an indoor cycling instructor, holding certifications through Madd Dog, as well as Real Ryder. She loves the music, energy and sweat that comes with each ride! Caren is also TRX certified and Barre trained. She loves mixing it up on and off the bike. Changes in your workouts mean changes in your body! She continually challenges and motivates clients-- always pushing them to take it to the next level.


kim epstein

Indoor Cycling Instructor for the last 3 years, on both the North and South shore. Certified by RealRyder and Mad Dogg. What was once my motivation as a student has become my passion as an instructor. I am music obsessed and my classes are challenging. Be inspired to go to your next level.


andrea brady
I am inspired by the transformation of my own body and the realization that fitness is not just about attaining a singular goal, but a lifestyle.  I love TRX® for its ability to constantly challenge the body, while strengthening the core with every movement.  Your body weight is the only weight you'll need...hope to see you on the straps!

Lauren Antorino Griffin

For 10 years Lauren Antorino Griffin was the owner of Studio A Fitness studio. In 1997 Studio A and Two Worlds Dance and Fitness merged to form an all inclusive fitness and dance facility servicing the North Shore of Long Island. Lauren is one of the producers of “Better Than Before,” a fitness video designed for breast cancer survivors. One of her main objectives is to enable people to maintain a healthy fit lifestyle. Lauren is also the proud mother of two children. Lauren has a Master of Arts Degree in Sports Management from Adelphi University with certifications by A.C.E, A.F.F.A., Johnny G. Spinning, Realryder, TRX, AI Stretch and IDEA.

Kimberly Treiber

Kim's love of indoor cycling started 5 years ago when she was invited to a class at her local gym. That class inspired her to create the goal of one day becoming an indoor cycling instructor herself! Since then, she has taken classes all across Long Island and New York City in order to experience different bikes, techniques, styles and music. These experiences, along with completing her Schwinn® and
RealRyder® certifications, have shaped her into the instructor she is today. Kim is most passionate about form, energy and music! If you want to have fun while getting a great workout- Kim's class is perfect for you!

Ernie Altamirano

Ernie has been a Certified Personal Trainer since 1995, as well as a Group Fitness Instructor.  His goal is for "you to leave stronger than when you walked in."  Ernie has a great sense of humor, but he wants everyone to set goals and challenge themselves.
He is the co-owner of

Victor Granados

Victor’s  fitness journey started 150 pounds ago, weighing in at 360 pounds. The desire to be out of that body motivated him to change his life for the better. Now he’s happy to share his passion for health and fitness with everyone else in the world in all different forms! A personal trainer and group fitness instructor, his mind and body awareness has opened his eyes to all different types of forms of fitness. He teaches and trains including, but not limited to, MMA, indoor cycling, cardio sport, insanity, yoga, pilates, megaformer and his own signature TABATA class. He assures you, whatever your body desires, you'll leave feeling rejuvenated, stronger and healthier!  

Marisa Buttacavoli

Marisa holds certifications in cycle from RealRyder, Spinning through Madd Dogg Athletics, and Barre from Beyond Barre & Pure Barre. Marisa's bubbly personality allows her to share her passion with others to help them fall in love with health and fitness just like she has!